Clearwater Marine Aquarium: Enjoy your wonderful time with your family!

A Closer Look at Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a non-profit animal hospital that aims to rescue and rehabilitate injured or sick sea turtles and other marine animals. This little aquarium jewel is very family-friendly and low-key, which makes it a great tourist attraction for anyone who wants to drop by the beautiful Clearwater Harbor. This facility organizes fun exhibits that include sharks, sea turtles, otters, sea grass, and stingrays. It also offers educational programs that include trainer-for-a-day programs and even exciting dolphin encounters.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium early beginnings

The people behind Clearwater Marine Aquarium consider themselves as ambassadors of the sea. They aim to preserve and restore the marine environment by leading the research studies for the rescue and rehabilitation of endangered marine species. As a leader in forging collaborative partnerships with organizations supporting marine environmental research and awareness, CMA hopes to make a difference in how the world treats marine life. This non-profit organization also inspires people to protect and respect the marine life environment for the sake of future generations.

Clearwater Marine AquariumLong before Clearwater Marine Aquarium came into existence, a group of volunteers decided to work together and to establish a marine biology learning center. They organized Sea-Orama, a fish exhibit at the Clearwater Marina. They created a non-profit organization in the name of Clearwater Marine Science Center to collect funds for a larger exhibit. Soon enough, the city of Clearwater provided financial aid for the establishment of a marine facility. Thanks to corporate and individual donations, CMSC continued growing until it started rescuing and rehabilitating different marine animals.

Today, Clearwater Marine Aquarium continues to specialize in rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing marine animals. All the animals under their custody were rescued by park rangers and locals because they suffered from severe injuries or illnesses when they were still in the wild. This facility also has an emergency standing line so its staff members will be ready to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day. Once the rescued animals arrive at the animal hospital, experienced CMA biologists and veterinarians will immediately prepare a rehabilitation plan for their needs.

Planning your trip to CMA

cmaYou can now delight yourself with a variety of exciting things to do at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. From touching dolphins to feeding stingrays and taking eco-boat tours, you will never get bored in this beautiful facility. Of course, things do not stop there. At CMA, you can also watch dolphin presentations, enjoy relaxing movies in the theater, and listen to David Yates as he gives you a sneak peek to the movie, Dolphin Tale. If you want to try something new, you can also head out on a kayak adventure or be an animal trainer for a day.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium will always be ready to fill your heart with genuine fun and excitement. It also features a very good program that educates children about the interesting lives of marine animals. It also serves as Winters home, the amazing dolphin that pushed the founders of CMA to continue their plans of rescuing and rehabilitating marine animals. As one of the most popular dolphins in the world, several high-rating shows at CNN, BBC, and NBC has also featured Winter and her unique and inspiring tale.

Most people who have visited the Clearwater Marine Aquarium find it bittersweet that a facility like this exists. While it is great to know that dedicated volunteers are driven to save injured animals, the fact that most of them were injured because of mans careless actions is quite disheartening too. Unlike the usual marine aquariums that you will see in famous cities, this rehabilitation facility is dedicated to restoring and preserving the marine environment instead of earning profit. A trip to Clearwater Marine Aquarium is certainly worth the price of every ticket. You can have more wonderful time with Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Where Fun and Adventure Begins at Camden Aquarium

Camden Aquarium

Camden Aquarium- Where Fun and Adventure Begins

If you are one of those people who love an aquatic adventure where fish, seawater, and lots of fun comes to mind every time you think of doing something when not at home or at work, then maybe a Camden aquarium adventure might be just the thing for you. The Camden aquarium is an entertainment tourist attraction located in New Jersey (the Camden County in particular).

The Camden aquarium treat offers newcomers and first time visitors in the county a glimpse of the sea and what it has offer via its attractions. The Camden Aquarium boasts of over eight thousand plus marine animals in its facilities that is open for viewing for kids and adults alike. It has over two hundred thousand square feet of floor space for the public and it sure can accommodate lots of visitors be it summer time or in winter.

Its attractions are housed in marine habitats that include freshwater and semi aquatic creatures that are always fun and interesting to watch. The Camden Aquarium is visited by thousands of visitors, every day since its opening in 1992 when it was still known as the New Jersey State Aquarium. It was re-opened under its new name the Adventure Aquarium in 2005.

Adventure Aquarium

The city waterfront in Camden is the countys main attraction and probably one of its biggest sources of income for New Jersey. It not only houses the Camden Adventure Aquarium but the waterfront also boasts of the USS New Jersey (a historic ship that was turned into a fantastic museum), Campbells Field (home of Camdens baseball team the Riversharks), and the Bank Center of Susquehanna (a large amphitheatre that can seat over twenty five thousand people).

The Camden Aquarium has received lots of reviews, most them bad, during its initial opening in 1992 and suffered a whole lot of criticism because of its drab appearance and its not-so accommodating themes, be it for the fish or for its visitors. Harsh criticisms prompted management to secure for new partners to improve its facilities and in 2005 when it officially became known as the Adventure Aquarium, visitors came to marvel on its marvelous make over.

Enjoy adventurous experience at Camden Aquarium.

camden AquariumThe Camden aquarium has the South Building which houses weird and lots of unusual creatures for the adventurous. Housed in different small tanks and a giant tank (called simply the Ocean Tank), these specimens provide visitors a glimpse of Atlantic sea creatures. There is also a tropical waterfall with green foliage that has provided additional excitement to the nature lover-the Irazu River Falls-which also provides shelter to animals in the facility. The South Building also houses a 4D-ride capable theatre (aptly called the Adventure Theatre because of its perfectly choreographed effects during ride film showings). You could actually feel the wind and water spraying into you in the Adventure theatre which forms part of the many thrilling features of the Camden Aquarium.

The North Building is the expansion part for the new Camden aquarium built to house a restaurant, a gift shop, and an atrium. The Camden aquarium is quite capable in hosting over a million visitors on the same day and plays host to not only sea creatures but to land animals as well. Whether you just want to see how a sharks teeth looks like or how a porpoise (or a turtle maybe?) swims, you can have both in the Camden Aquarium.

The Camden Aquarium or the Adventure Aquarium (if you wish to go by its official name) opens at nine thirty in the morning and closes at five in the afternoon. That is daily including Saturdays and Sundays. You might want to avoid the throngs of people in the morning and avoid those long lines on ticket booths by purchasing tickets online- or you could simply afternoon go visit Camden Aquarium.

Adventure aquarium – the 5th largest aquarium in the US

Adventure Aquarium

Adventure aquarium is the most fun way to go on a vacation.

Because of the drastic changes in the economy, more and more families are choosing to stay at home rather than spend a vacation somewhere. Families think that it is the time to start exploring their own home and find something fun to do without spending money. They think that the best part about this new experience is the time they save on waiting on long lines at the airport, or the constant nagging of the kids because they are bored from the travel and lastly, the travel costs. But this should not be the case. There are a lot of vacation destinations that are nice but not as expensive.

If you are near or in the New Jersey area, there are a lot of exciting places you can spend your time at and one such place is the Adventure aquarium. Found in Camden, the Adventure aquarium is referred to as Americas most touchable aquarium. You can enjoy the whole day with your family, especially the kids, with the different attractions they have. You will have the chance to visit and explore the Seal Shores, Penguin Island, Touch-a-Shark, Stingray Club and Rainforest Rendezvous.

Adventure Aquarium

Adventure Aquarium: Don’t miss out

Whats great about the Adventure aquarium is that it is not just for kids, it is also for you. You will have the chance to touch lobsters, hermit crabs, sea stars, grass shrimps, giant isopods and a white spotted bamboo shark. You and your family better roll up your sleeves and prepare for an adventure like no other. Adventure aquarium prides itself in being a true waterfront treasure that features nearly 200,00 square feet space, 8,500 insanely cool animals and over two million gallons of water.

As the 5th largest aquarium in the U.S., Adventure aquarium is the only aquarium you will find in the world that displays hippos while being one of the only two aquariums in the country having a Hammerhead shark. You and your family will never be bored while you are inside because they will offer you a lot of hands-on experienced with the animals on exhibit. Not only can you touch them, you can also hand-feed them. You can also touch your nose to the nose of a shark in the suspended Shark Tunnel that is 40-foot in size. Adventure aquarium will let you come within inches of some of the worlds most amazing sea creatures.

One of the greatest things about Adventure aquarium is that they have a conservation program. Fins for the Future is the conservation program of Adventure aquarium that aims to maintain safety and cleanliness in the environment. Their partnerships with the local organizations help them in providing opportunities for those people who want to be involved and make a positive change in the environment. They believe that this could be done with little genuine things.

Adventure aquarium is known to be recycling everything throughout their facility. And with this kind of example, they are opening up the minds of their visitors into the wonder of conserving the world where you are living in. They also host programs and events that are directly into raising awareness among a majority of people.

The Adventure aquarium has a sister: Newport Aquarium. Newport Aquarium is located at Newport, Kentucky. So, if you are in the area of Kentucky, you might also consider paying a visit to another amazing place.

You have the option of choosing from a one day pass or a value package for the family that would usually include entrance to exhibits inside as well as a meal voucher. Booking you Adventure aquarium trip can be done online.

Are you ready for Adventure Aquarium?

Spending your vacation in Boston might be another choice

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Big Discounts from Groupon Boston

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groupon boston

How Does Groupon Boston Work?

Groupon coupons is very simple to use and understand. All you have to do is click on the item that you want and buy. You will be redirected to a payment form that will ask for how you will pay for the coupon and your credit card information. After paying for the coupon you bought, you can now redeem the item or package you bought at the store that partnered with Groupon.

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What Are the Benefits of Shopping on Groupon?

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Explorer Seattle with the Huge Discounts Packages

Groupon Seattle with the Huge Discounts

Groupon Seattle offers a wide variety of products and services for shoppers looking for a big discount. The discounts that Groupon Seattle offers will help numerous shoppers get better value for their money. The savings they get from purchasing items with coupons will allow them to pay for more urgent bills such as mortgage and loans.

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Buy It from Groupon Seattle

There are plenty of items being sold through Groupon Seattle. You can find deals on almost anything and everything. But before you can buy the coupons you should subscribe to their website. It is easy because all you need to do is give your username and email. Your subscription to their site is your guide to getting the good deals that they have to offer. The deals are worth every cent because of the huge discounts and privileges that you can get. The deals have an expiration and validity date so be sure to claim your items or packages within the validity period.

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Reap the Benefits of Groupon Seattle

groupon seattleGroupon Seattle has plenty of benefits that you can enjoy. The benefits include:

Bigger savings because of the discounted prices of all of the items that you will buy. The deals enable shoppers to get great value for their money. The discounts give you the chance to pay for more urgent bills like your mortgage or loans.

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There is a wide variety of items and packages available at Groupon Seattle. You can choose from a variety of items and packages that have huge discounts. Groupon has many partner establishments that give users plenty of options to choose from. The partner establishments offer high quality items that satisfy their customers.

You can get high quality products and services when you purchase through Groupons site. The products can be redeemed once you present the coupon that you have purchased.

Groupon is easy to understand and use. All you need to do is purchase the coupon and pay for it through your chosen method and print out the coupon. Present the coupon at the store of the item you purchased.

These are some of the benefits you can get from purchasing items and packages from Groupon Seattle. The big discounts and slashed prices will help you save money and get the items you want. Get the coupons before they are sold out. Once you get the coupons you should use them during their validity period. There are also terms and conditions that need to be followed so that you can redeem the coupons you purchased. Groupon Seattle offers the best deals and discounts.

Let’s shop online today with Groupon Seattle.

Enjoy your holiday in Atlanta

Groupon Atlanta giving you Best Deals & Prices

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Don’t Burn a Hole in Your Wallet, Shop at Groupon Atlanta

Groupon Atlanta offers customers a wide variety of items and services that allow you to get good value for your money. When you log in their site you will see plenty of deals that have huge discounts. You can also see the number of buyers who have purchased a coupon from Groupon Atlanta. The coupons can be sold out if you do not make a purchase immediately. And there is only a certain amount of time before the coupons are taken off the bargain bin. Do not hesitate to buy the coupons as soon as they are available. You will never find another online store that offers huge discounts and gives great value to every cent you spend.

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Groupon Atlanta

Get the Best Deals from Groupon

Coupons have reached a critical mass because people use them often when they make purchases online or at retail stores. The huge discounts help people save money and get more value for their money.

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Let’s try now Groupon Atlanta.

Los Angeles -The city of Fun

Groupon Los Angeles

Groupon Los Angeles gives you the special offers!! If you are looking for ways to save money, then you should consider Groupon Los Angeles. As launched in end of 2008, Groupon Los Angeles features numerous daily deals on all best things to do, eat, see and buy. Groupons philosophy is simple: they want to treat their customers the way they want to be treated.

That is why if you are looking for a company that wants only the best for you, Groupon Los Angeles is the one. They highlight some key things that they want their clients and potential clients to know.

a. They sell stuff they want to purchase. A best deal that Groupon offers their clients and potential clients is just the beginning of it all. They provide great product and service; that is where they win your heart. They wanted you to feel comfortable on venturing and trying out new things. Groupon Los Angeles may have top-rated business partners and unbeatable prices but what makes them succeed is becoming your addiction which makes you feel good.
b. No BS. One of their greatest aims is for you to enjoy them. They dont want you to think that they will be all Gotchas and buried conditions, making your experience with them a terrible and sour one. This is the greatest mistake of most companies, they lure their clients then leave them in the air, just like that, but not Groupon Los Angeles. They will make you thankful that you have given your trust to their service. They want all of your purchases from them to be real starting from the time you purchase it up until the time you use it. With Groupon, there will be no unusual deal.

c. The best customer service. Groupon Los Angeles has also experienced problems with customer service departments they have dealt with or even waited days just for the response to a short and simple question, so they know and understand how you feel about that situation. So, they came up with a solution by making everything right, not to mention fast. When you contact them with your questions, a human will be there to address your concerns during the business hours.

groupon los angeles

Groupon Los Angeles believes that the people behind them are their most valuable asset so they do everything they can to take care of the people under them. Not only that, Groupon and everything about it is the reflection of the ethics and interests of the wonderful staff behind it. Unlike any other website that promises to give you the discount you deserve, Groupon Los Angeles has a new offer every day. You will never get bored browsing through all the items you could get by participating actively in their site.


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Meanwhile, the discounts are not limited because Groupon Los Angeles gives them on a wide variety of things. Plus, the discounts are not just discounts, they are significantly affordable discounts. In three ways, you can get the best experience from Groupon:

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The discounts from Groupon Los Angeles range from fifty to ninety percent off on popular businesses. The greatest thing about Groupon is that they send different deals to thousands of their subscribers free, this way, they are also sending tons of new customers to businesses. Groupon Los Angeles loves to call that the Groupon magic.

Washington DC with special deals

Groupon DC Deals in Washington DC

Groupon DC: Get In On Savings in Washington DC with Groupon DC Deals

Groupon is arguably, the leader when it comes to online deals. The Groupon site has taken the world by storm by entering the American market and expanding worldwide, with millions upon millions of people signing up for daily deals on the Groupon site in their community. This wonderful site that started out in Chicago has already found its way into Washington DC, and residents are certainly up to saving a lot of money by printing out online coupons for a number of products and services that may tickle their fancy, available on the daily deals in the groupon dc website.

So, what are the things that one must know in order to sign up for the daily deals in the groupon dc site? Here are the basics on how to sign up for the groupon dc program and the types of deals that Washingtonians can enjoy for themselves. Get more out of your hard-earned money with the wonderful deals and experiences that the groupon dc site can offer for you.


How to Sign Up for the Groupon DC Site

groupon-dcThere are two ways by which you can sign up for the groupon dc site. You can sign up by filing up the online form on the main site, or you can just connect your Facebook profile to the site itself and get signed up for deals all in one click of a mouse button. As soon as you’re signed up to the groupon dc site, you can start buying the online deals of your choice in their site right there and then.

Buying deals from the site is also as simple as linking you credit or debit card to their site. you can choose to buy a deal in their site, and as soon as enough people gets to buy the deal, you can print it out and use it for your deal of choice. This just goes to show that signing up and buying deals from the groupon dc site is as simple as buying an item from a shop. In as little as ten minutes, you can start signing up for deals, and on the next day, you can start redeeming these deals for yourself.

Types of Deals from the Groupon DC Site

groupon dc

There are different types of deals that you can choose from if you decide to join the groupon dc site. You can have a relaxing day at a spa, buy an item that you’ve been wanting for ever since, or just enjoy a sumptuous dinner, all by using the deals that you can find from the groupon dc site.

Spa and Leisure Deals

Spa and leisure deals in the groupon dc site range from a number of partner establishments within the area, and the deals that you can get are truly amazing that they can save you a lot of money.

For instance, you can book a day at the spa to have a full body massage, or just a simple therapy of your choice, in whichever part of your body you may want. You can even book a manicure, a pedicure, a haircut or even a spray tan session with the use of your groupon coupon.

The leisure deals that you can get from this groupon dc are also plentiful. You can have a day at the museum for half the price or more than the admission fee that you would normally pa, or even save on a lot of money by booking concerts and events with the use of the Groupon coupon.

Food Deals

If you are a frustrated foodie, or the type who likes to eat out on a budget, then this site is for you. You can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the use of the coupons that you can get from the groupon dc site. There’s no need to wait long lines to get good food anymore. Simply present your coupon and get the deals that you want from your establishment of choice.

You can have an American breakfast, a Mediterranean Lunch, or an Asian Dinner with the use of the groupon dc site. You can truly enjoy an entire day of food and saving with the groupon dc site.

Shopping Deals

If you feel like shopping but you do not have the money to do it, you can always look for groupon dc coupons so that you can save on a lot of money and shop for the sake of savings. You can get vouchers form the partner establishments of your choice with your account, and buy the vouchers from shops that you would like to visit.

With the groupon dc site, everyday can be a sale. All you have to do is to sign up for the deals and just wait for it to be sent to your email and you can then start shopping without any guilt, because you are certainly saving money while shopping with Groupon.

Fitness Deals

Fitness is an important part of today’s modern lifestyle. Groupon dc sees the importance of fitness in one’s lifestyle and encourages it by giving you fitness vouchers that you can use for a gym or a fitness class that you like.

You can also sign up for yoga or pilates with the use of your groupon dc coupon. Likewise, you can use the coupon for gym memberships and discounts so that you can start on your journey of fitness. These are just some of the fitness deals that you can find with the use of the coupons from Groupon in DC.

Residents of Washington are now rejoicing in the fact that an online deal has found its way in their community so that they can enjoy discounted deals every single day. Groupon is a wonderful site to visit so that you wouldn’t feel guilty about spending that much money on the things that you want. Moreover, you can save even more money for the things that you need with the Groupon site in Washington, DC. Groupon is undeniably, the site to be for deals that you can get for a steal. Are you ready to sign up Groupon DC.

San Diego – What a great city

Groupon San Diego

Groupon San Diego offers you a special deal. Especially in these difficult economic times, people are now on the lookout for ways to save money. Using group deals have become a popular option for a lot of people, as these allow them to get huge discounts and freebies in several kinds of products and services. This article takes a look at the benefits that you can get by availing of the deals offered by Groupon San Diego. What is Groupon San Diego? Groupon San Diego is a daily deals company that gives people an opportunity to get huge discounts on popular products and services. The organization does this by negotiating with several businesses to get these discounts, providing thousands of people the opportunity to get price cuts and even freebies from a wide variety of products and services.

What is So Great about Groupon San Diego?

groupon san diegoBenefits of availing of the deals offered by Groupon San Diego There are several benefits that you can get by availing of the coupons offered by Groupon San Diego. These include:

• Huge discounts. The company offers deals that can go as high 50% and 90% off, which means great savings for those who purchase these coupons.

• Wide variety of deals. Several businesses work with Groupon San Diego, and as a result, you can get discounts on all sorts of products and services, including restaurants, spas, salons, and as such.

• Allowing you to get the best deals wherever you go. Groupon San Diego sends daily e-mails to their subscribers to let them know what the daily deals are. These promos can also be accessed using your Smartphone, so you really will be able to find out what the latest offers are wherever you may be at.

• Using these as gift items. You can also use the coupons as gift items, which is a great option for those who find it difficult to pick a gift for a loved one.

• Gives refunds. Should you be dissatisfied with your purchase, Groupon San Diego will return your money, so all your deals are risk-free.

What Groupon San Diego can do for your company?

Companies who deal with Groupon San Diego can also enjoy several benefits. These include:

san-diego• Getting noticed. Thousands of people check out the deals offered by Groupon. This means thousands of people taking notice of your company in a way that traditional marketing efforts can’t achieve. Even if these individuals don’t buy the deal you’re offering, they will still be able to see your ad, which means they become more aware about your company and your products and services. By coordinating with Groupon, you stand to bring more customers to your door.

• Chance of going viral. The beauty of the Internet is that it’s so much easier for news and information to spread. A person who buys a coupon for your products and services can easily share the information with their friends through social networking sites. This will not only give you more mileage but also increase the possibility of your clients’ family and friends to buy the deal from you as well.

• Creating buzz over a new product or service. If you have something new in store for your clients, posting an ad on Groupon will create a buzz over what you’re offering, as all subscribers of Groupon will automatically get a notification about this new deal.

• Risk-free promotion. Believe it or not, Groupon will not charge you to appear on their site. Instead, their income will be based on shared revenue they get paid if you get paid. As such, you don’t have to worry about investing in something that will not do anything for your company, since you don’t need to present anything up-front.

Groupon San Diego offers several benefits to clients and advertisers alike. If you want to take advantage of these daily deals (whether to buy these or to sell these), do check out what Groupon has to offer. Get yourself ready today for the special offers by Groupon San Diego.

Las Vegas – Enjoy the incredible savings with groupon

Groupon Las Vegas

Groupon Las Vegas essentially works this way: the company sets about negotiating huge discounts with the most popular businesses that usually reach between 50% and 90% off. After a deal has been agreed upon, it will be sent to Groupon Las Vegas members via email. Aside from letting thousands of people know about a way they can possibly save money on a purchase, Groupon Las Vegas also exposes businesses to thousands of potential customers.

Understanding Groupon Las Vegas

Using Groupon Las Vegas Signing up for an account with Groupon Las Vegas is free. You only start paying when you purchase a deal you are interested in. By providing information like your age, gender, and zip code, Groupon is also able to personalize deals for you so you first see deals that are most relevant to you. You will still have access to all Groupon Las Vegas deals though but being presented deals that you might be looking for to begin with on the outset can save you time doing your search. And the sooner you find a deal you are interested in, the sooner you can share it in order to tip the deal. Tipping basically means the minimum number of purchases was achieved so the deal is on. Looking for gifts? You can also use Groupon deals as gifts for any occasion. Just buy a deal as you normally would and send the deal coupon to the recipient. Don’t forget to read the fine print!

groupon Lasvegas


If you don’t provide personal information, you will be provided with general city-wide deals to get you started. If you appreciate group buying sites like Groupon because they let you discover new businesses and interests, you don’t have to worry because personalizing deals won’t take this away from you. Rather, personalizing deals is more of a way to take away the deals that Groupon already knows you won’t like. When you get started on personalizing deals, you’ll be surprised that you’ll receive even more deals on your email and more deals will be shown on your homepage over time. And the more deals you see, the more exposure you’ll have with more new businesses.

If you are worried about your privacy, you’ll be glad to know that Groupon Las Vegas takes your concerns very seriously, understanding the severity of not offering privacy protection. As such, Groupon has made the effort to be certified by TRUSTe for your peace of mind. Earning a certificate meant that Groupon was reviewed, including the kind of information gathered, how gathered information is being kept secure, and what Groupon does with the information gathered.

Other benefits of Groupon Las Vegas

groupon lasvegas

On top of simply letting you enjoy incredible savings with discounts, Groupon Las Vegas also has a referral system in place so you can earn Groupon bucks by simply referring a friend. For every friend that you refer, you will earn $10, which you can then use on whatever deal you might be interested in. In addition, Groupon Las Vegas has made it insanely easy to buy and redeem coupons because you can now do so through your mobile device. Just download the Android and iPhone app for Groupon and you’re set. Aside from sheer convenience, this also lets you save on paper that helps in reducing the number of trees being cut. Doing your bit for the environment while saving on costs? Sounds like an amazing deal, right? And in the event at the end of it all that you are not satisfied with your deal, that you feel like Groupon Las Vegas let you down, you will be refunded your purchase. It’s that simple. Let’s find your best deal with Groupon Las Vegas.